Mini Classic CT

Pure Water Mini-CT Distiller

Pure Water’s Mini-Classic CT™ is a compact, counter-top steam distillation system that produces high-purity, great-tasting distilled water. This manually filled distiller is perfect for a single user or a couple. It’s also perfect for use in a camper or RV, or taken to a second home for distilled water enjoyment away from home.  

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Midi Classic

Pure Water Midi Distiller

With the capacity to make one gallon of distilled water every three and one-half hours, Pure Water’s Midi-Classic is the ideal unit for a family or business. This automatic distiller holds approximately five gallons of pure water in its stainless steel holding tank.

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Mega Classic

Pure Water Mega Distiller

The ultimate in convenience and faster production, the Mega-Classic produces twelve gallons of distilled water per day and is equipped with a ten gallon storage tank. The built-in demand pump delivers pure water right to your sink and refrigerator; includes a manual distilled water outlet for dispensing water directly from the storage tank.

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Ultima Classic


The ultimate in convenience and purity. With a multistage purification process, the Pure Water ULTIMA Classic systems filter out particulate matter, boil the water to kill bacteria and viruses, and leave behind virtually all of the remaining contaminants in the water. The result: drinking water that is 99.99% pure.  Available 100% of the time

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Liberty Classic

Pure Water Liberty Distiller

The Liberty Classic™  is truly the next generation of steam-distillation appliance. A smart upright distiller with a small footprint but powerful performance. It produces up to 10 gallons of fresh, steam-distilled water every day, which is plenty for all of your family’s consumable needs.

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AquaNui DIY systems


AquaNui premium water distillers combine design, performance and price. Stainless steel is the ideal material for a distiller and makes AquaNui durable; best of all, they’re modular, space-saving and designed to fit your needs.

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Survival Still


In an emergency there is nothing more vital than a supply of safe drinking water. The Survival Still allows you to turn any water, even ocean water and microbiologically contaminated water into a permanent supply of safe, high-purity water.

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Reusable Bottles

BOULDER Triple Insulated Water Bottle

From creation to disposal, plastic bottles contribute to air, water & environmental pollution; many chemicals that go into their production continuously leach out into the water they hold.  Plastic bottles are slowly killing us & the planet. These high quality stainless steel bottles are made to last. Better for you & better for the planet.

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